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Some of our dishes...

Here is a look at some of our most recent dishes to give you an idea of the types of meals to expect in your deliveries.
However, we always come up with new, creative dishes and always refer to your profile to match with any allergies or food dislikes you have.
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I. F. F Mama's lasagne and steamed greens

Tandoori chicken, Bombay potatoes and roasted cauliflower

Moroccan tagine

Bbq pulled pork, slaw and potato salad

Peri Peri chicken, sweet potato wedges and mint peas

Spicy lentil burger and Quinoa salad

I. F. F. Paella

Katsu style Butternut squash with coconut  rice

Chicken satay stirfry

Roasted stuffed aubergine, sweet potato hash

Spiced beef, mixed pepper bulgar, and mint yoghurt

Chicken thigh cacciatore with mozzarella and crushed potatoes

Charred garlic and herb cauliflower steak, Mediterranean vegetable pasta salad

Roasted root vegetable stew and dumplings

If you would like any more choices or any more information about our dishes, please get in touch!

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All our meals are 500 calories or less!