Main Meals

Main Meals

Our chefs cook you delicious meals from scratch twice a week.

For each main meal category shown here, the chefs cook three different recipes and you are given a selection of them in each
delivery (avoiding any allergies and dislikes you have told us about). The recipes change each time we cook so you will be
enjoying up to six different recipes through the week (and then a different six in the following week, etc).

So you just choose how many meals you would like per week from the category or categories you need (you can mix and match)
and we take care of the rest. At checkout, you choose whether we deliver to you once a week or twice a week.

Have a look at some of the most recent dishes we have cooked HERE.

Once you experience being cooked for every single day, you will wonder how you ever managed without us.



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All our meals are 500 calories or less!