How do I order?

We process all our orders via the website. Click here to order.

Please email if you need any assistance with your order.

How do I pay?

Payment is done via our website using a debit/credit card.

Will I receive all meals at once?

Choose whether you would like all of your meals delivered on a Sunday or a Wednesday, or spread all of your meals over 2 deliveries a week for optimum freshness.

All the meals we provide, are cooked fresh, by us, in our production kitchens.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please note we require a 30 days notice from renewal date via an email to

Only an email to this address will be accepted as a request to cancel your subscription.

Do you deliver anywhere?

We deliver to Scotland, England and Wales.

Our Ibiza kitchen supplies the whole of the Island from may until October.

Who is this service suitable for?

Regardless of age or current fitness level, if you don’t have time or don’t want to cook, we do it all  for you.

All meals are nutritionally balanced, from whole ingredients, in a 5-star Hygiene rated  kitchen, delivered to your prefered location.

The majority of our customers never set foot in a gym, they simply want to eat real food without having to cook it all themselves.

Do you cater for gluten free / paleo / keto / vegetarian / vegan diets?

Absolutely, use the form at checkout to notify our chefs of any special requirements.

We provide a notes section for anything that isn’t listed as an allergy / dislike.

Please email if you are still unsure.

Can I change an order once it has been placed?

Yes, we require a minimum of 7 days notice prior to scheduled deliveries to make any changes.

Please email to notify us of any amendments.

How long will my meals stay fresh in the fridge?

Please ensure food is put directly into the fridge when received. Your meals will stay fresh for up to 3 days.

Can I freeze my meals?

Yes you can, our meals can be frozen up to 8 weeks.

How soon will I receive my order?

Orders placed on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday will get their first delivery on Sunday. Orders placed on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday will get their first delivery on Wednesday.

Please note, if you are travelling from overseas, contact us directly for details on our bespoke/express service to ensure you are still sticking to your eating plan.

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