I often get asked what to eat to get into great shape both physically and mentally.

So I decided to build a company to help you understand calories, macros and to actually cook you the food that I have found effective for doing both.

I love eating and training, this just gives me an excuse to do more of both.

I have been training for over a decade and used to spend much of my free time cooking the food I needed for optimum results.

I found it was quite a lot of effort to prep all my own meals, and even harder if I wanted variety.

I noticed that people really struggled to get to grips with which foods worked best for them and their goals.

Nutrition is completely underrated, most people have no idea why their results don’t reflect the amount of hard work and time they put into training.

It’s almost always down to poor eating habits.

I wanted to make all of this simple, quick & affordable for people of all walks of life.

The rest is history, we are now supplying everyone from private individuals to mainstream gyms and large offices across the UK & Ibiza.

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