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The company that started as just an idea, many years ago, on a hot summer’s day, on a beach in Ibiza, that has taken us on a journey none of us will ever forget.

We are now cooking delicious, healthy, prepped meals for businesses and consumers across England, Scotland, Wales and of course our flagship store on the magical island of Ibiza.

Our mission at IFF is making fresh, healthy, prepped meals affordable and sustainable.

Whether our clients are hardcore gym goers, or simply want to remove the hassle of cooking, shopping and washing up, we handle everything.

In today’s hectic lifestyle time has never been more precious, sometimes even just having to think about what to cook for dinner can feel like an extra burden after a long day.

Our chefs spend the entire week creating fresh, healthy meals based on your preferences to keep you excited for each, and every delivery.

We feel we offer all the luxury of having your very own private chef at home, who does all the shopping, prepping and of course all the washing up.

Our healthy meals are bursting with flavour whilst always having portion control at the forefront of their conception.

Everything our chefs prepare for you arrives fresh, ready to eat or reheat.

Our packaging makes our healthy, prepped meals, ideal for taking to work, easy to stack neatly in your fridge at home, and ready to reheat anytime with no prep required.

We are excited to start cooking for you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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